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Printers Supported in Microsoft Paintbrush 4.0 PSS ID Number: Q50060 Article last modified on 08-02-1993 PSS database name: H_Mouse



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Paintbrush for MS-DOS, version 4.0


The following information was taken from PRINTERS.DAT file located on the Microsoft Paintbrush version 4.0 Setup disk. Printers supported by MS Paintbrush 4.0 and corresponding PAINT.BAT file parameters are listed below.


None; ;NONE;0000; Epson EX-800;120 dpi, Color;EPSONJX;0000; Epson EX-1000;120 dpi, Color;EPSONJX;0100; Epson FX-80,85,185,286;240 dpi, B/W;EPSONFX;0000; Epson FX-100;240 dpi, B/W;EPSONFX;0100; Epson JX-80;120 dpi, Color;EPSONJX;0000; Epson JX-100;120 dpi, Color;EPSONJX;0100; Epson LQ-800,1500 (Narrow);180 dpi, B/W;EPSONLQ;0000; Epson LQ-1000,1500 (Wide);180 dpi, B/W;EPSONLQ;0100; Epson LX-80;120 dpi, B/W;EPSONMX;0000; Epson LX-100;120 dpi, B/W;EPSONMX;0100; Epson MX-80;120 dpi, B/W;EPSONMX;0000; Epson MX-100;120 dpi, B/W;EPSONMX;0100; Epson RX-80;120 dpi, B/W;EPSONMX;0000; Epson RX-100;120 dpi, B/W;EPSONMX;0100; HP DeskJet;150 & 300 dpi, B/W;HP300P;0010; HP DeskJet LEGAL;150 & 300 dpi, B/W;HP300P;1010; HP LaserJet;75 & 100 dpi, B/W;HPLASER;0010; HP LaserJet Plus;150 & 300 dpi, B/W;HP300P;0000; HP LaserJet Series II;150 & 300 dpi, B/W;HP300P;0000; HP LaserJet Plus LEGAL (manual);150 & 300 dpi, B/W;HP300P;1000; HP LaserJet Plus LEGAL (tray);150 & 300 dpi, B/W;HP300P;2000; HP LaserJet II LEGAL (manual);150 & 300 dpi, B/W;HP300P;1000; HP LaserJet II LEGAL (tray);150 & 300 dpi, B/W;HP300P;2000; HP LaserJet Compatible;150 & 300 dpi, B/W;HPLASER;0000; HP PaintJet;180 dpi, Color;HPPAINT;0000; HP ThinkJet;192 dpi, B/W;THINKJET;0000; IBM Color Impact;144 dpi, Color;IBMCOLOR;0000; IBM Color Inkjet;100 dpi, Color;IBMJET;0000; IBM Graphics Printer (120 dpi); B/W;EPSONMX;0010; IBM Graphics Printer (240 dpi); B/W;EPSONFX;0010; IBM Proprinter;120 dpi, B/W;EPSONMX;0010; IBM Quietwriter II;240 dpi, B/W;IBMQW2;0000; NEC Pinwriter P5XL, P9XL (Color);180 dpi;NEC;0000; NEC Pinwriter P5, P9XL (B/W);180 dpi;EPSONLQ;0100; NEC CP6, CP7 (Color);180 dpi;NEC;0000; NEC P6, P7 (B/W);180 dpi;EPSONLQ;0100; Okidata 84 Series B;103 dpi, B/W;OKI84S2W;0000; Okidata 92,93;72 dpi, B/W;OKI90W;0000; Okidata 192;120 dpi, B/W;OKI190;0000; Okidata 193;120 dpi, B/W;OKI190W;0000; Okidata 292,293 (Color);120 dpi;OKI290W;0000; Okidata 292,293 (B/W);120 dpi;OKI290BW;0000; Okidata 292,293 (IBM Personality, B/W);120 dpi, B/W;EPSONMX;0010; Okidata 292,293 (IBM Personality, Color);120 dpi, Color;EPSONJX;0010; Okimate 20 (Color);72 dpi;OKICOLOR;0000; Okimate 20 (B/W);72 dpi;OKIMATE;0000; TI 855 Printer;144 dpi, B/W;TI855;0000; Toshiba P351C (Color);180 dpi;TOSHCW;0000; Toshiba P321,P1340;180 dpi, B/W;TOSHBW;0000; Toshiba P341,P341E,P351;180 dpi, B/W;TOSHBWW;0000; Toshiba P1350,P1351;180 dpi, B/W;TOSHBWW;0000;

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