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Multiplan: Slow Printing Across Novell Network PSS ID Number: Q49845 Article last modified on 03-28-1990 PSS database name: D_MPlan

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Multiplan Versions 2.x and 3.x may print slowly across a Novell Network if the “file contents” field in the Novell print job configuration is set to Byte Stream rather than TEXT.

More Information:

The choices Byte Stream and Text determine whether the application software or Novell handles the print job. Choose Byte Stream if you want the application to handle the job; choose Text if you want Novell to interpret the printer formatting commands.

Printing to Multiplan versions earlier than 4.00 is much faster with the Text setting because these versions don’t use a printer driver.

The following is a listing of the steps necessary to change the “file contents” field in the Novell print job configuration. We assume that Novell Netware 2.10 or later is being run.

  1. Type PRINTCON from the system prompt and press ENTER.
  2. Press ENTER on the Edit Print Job Configurations option.
  3. Select from the list of print job configurations the one you wish to use to print the job, then press ENTER. If the configuration you want does not exist, press the INS key, type in a print job configuration name, and press ENTER.
  4. Position your cursor on the “file contents” field and press ENTER. Use the arrow keys to select either Byte Stream or Text. Press ENTER.
  5. Press the ESC key and press ENTER to save the changes.
  6. Press ESC until you receive a message that asks you whether you want to exit the print job configuration. Select Yes and press ENTER.

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