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Network ROM for OS/2 LAN Manager 2.0 RPL

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Article Last Modified on 10/31/2006

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This article describes the network adapter ROM requirements to initiate the Remote Initial Program Load (RPL) service on an OS/2 LAN Manager server in order to boot MS-DOS or OS/2 over the network.


The OS/2 LAN Manager version 2.0 RPL service allows personal computer "requesting devices" to boot OS/2 or MS-DOS from a network server "loading device."

Instead of booting MS-DOS or OS/2 from the local disk drive, the requesting device attaches to the network and broadcasts a boot request. The boot request must be functionally compatible with the SEND.FILE.REQUEST frame, which is sent by the IBM Remote Program Load Module. The IBM Remote Program Load Module is an optional ROM chip attached to an IBM token ring network adapter. The request is sent using frames in IEEE 802.2 format encapsulated in token ring or Ethernet packets.

Before an OS/2 LAN Manager server can respond to the request, it must be running the RIPL service and must be configured to accept boot requests from the requesting device. When a valid boot request is received from a requesting device, the RIPL server sends the appropriate boot image to the device. Once the boot image has been transferred, the requesting device transfers control to the boot image.

The following sequence describes how LAN Manager supports remoteboot for a workstation with an RPL ROM installed.

                                     Loading Device (OS/2 LAN
Requesting Device (with Remote        Manager with RIPL service
Program Load Module installed)        installed)
----------------------------------    -------------------------
                                      1. OS/2, LAN Manager, and the
                                         RIPL services are loaded and
                                         active. The RIPL service
                                         waits for a FIND frame
                                         from a requesting device.

2. After power-on, the IBM Remote
   Program Load Module attaches to
   the ring and sends a FIND frame
   to a loading device that includes
   its network address.

                                      3. The FIND frame is received,
                                         and a FOUND frame is sent
                                         back to the requesting
                                         device that includes the
                                         network address of the
                                         loading device.

4. The FOUND frame is received,
   and a SEND.FILE.REQUEST frame
   (requesting the boot image) is
   sent back to the loading device.

                                      5. The SEND.FILE.REQUEST is
                                         received. The RIPL service
                                         validates the machine
                                         request, then sends the
                                         appropriate boot image
                                         (either MS-DOS or OS/2),
                                         depending on the RIPL
                                         configuration specified
                                         for the machine by the LAN

6. Once the SEND.FILE.REQUEST has
   been completed, control is passed
   to the boot image, which then
   performs all necessary initialization
   under either MS-DOS or OS/2.

Below is a list of available IBM products that describe the operation of the IBM Remote Program Load ROM and provide sample source code for server-based bootstrap and loader programs under MS-DOS. Please note that the bootstrap and loader programs described in the IBM products are replaced by OS/2 LAN Manager version 2.0 RIPL and OEM-adapted RIPL DLLs (dynamic-link libraries) for the OS/2 remote boot.

    Product ID   Description
   ----------   -----------

   83X7839      IBM Remote Program Load: 5.25-inch disk and "RPL
                User's Guide" (for IBM Token Ring Network PC Adapter
                and Adapter IIs)

   83X8881      IBM Remote Program Load: 3.5-inch disk and "RPL User's
                Guide" (for IBM Token Ring Network Adapter /A)

Remote Boot ROMs for Ethernet cards are available from the adapter manufacturers. Another source is LAN Works Technologies in Ontario Canada (416-238-5528), which has available ROMs for 3COM, Novell, SMC/Western Digital Racal Interlan, IBM, and other network cards.

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