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Online Tutorial Not Available with Excel for OS/2 PSS ID Number: Q49715 Article last modified on 02-26-1993 PSS database name: W_eXceL

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Excel for OS/2 has replaced the online tutorial of Excel for Windows with documentation called “Getting Started with Microsoft Excel.” This booklet is included in the Excel for OS/2 package and contains sections on the following:

  1. Using Worksheets
    • Selecting commands and moving around the worksheet
    • Entering information into cells
    • Formatting
    • Changing column widths
    • Creating formulas
    • Inserting rows
    • Defining names
    • Saving and printing
  2. Using a Database
    • Defining a database
    • Defining a criteria range
    • Finding information within a database
    • Using a function to analyze information in a database
    • Using a table to display information from a database
    • Copying information between worksheets
  3. Creating a Chart
    • Creating a simple column chart
    • Adding a legend, title, text, and arrow to a chart
    • Changing the format of a chart
    • Changing a pattern within a chart
  4. Advanced Topics
    • Creating custom number formats
    • Using a function in place of a formula
    • Extracting data from a database
    • Lining worksheets
    • Creating a chart using multiple selections
    • Adding information to a chart with Paste Special

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