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Converting Multiplan Version 4.01 Worksheets to 3.x PSS ID Number: Q49712 Article last modified on 03-28-1990 PSS database name: D_MPlan

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A Multiplan Version 4.01 worksheet must first be converted to Symbolic file format before it can be loaded into Multiplan Versions 3.x. The messages “Cannot add time/date format” and “Not a valid formula” may be displayed during the conversion process. New cell formats are not converted. An “Insufficient memory” error message is displayed if formulas have been copied to some proportion of the worksheet and the size of the worksheet is too large.

If the Multiplan Version 4.01 file is too large to fit into memory, the top-most rows of the worksheet are converted and the bottom rows are truncated. Please note that a file converted from Version 4.01 does not store copied formulas as efficiently as Versions 3.x. Therefore, large files converted from Versions 3.x to Version 4.01 and then back to 3.x format sometimes are truncated substantially. Multiplan Versions 3.x are limited to the conventional 640K memory of a system. Versions 4.01 takes advantage of expanded memory under LIM 4.0.

More Information:

The following information describes how to convert a Multiplan Version 4.01 worksheet into 3.x:

  1. Start Multiplan Version 4.01 and load the worksheet to be converted. Make sure that there is a current backup of the worksheet.

  2. In the Transfer Save menu, name the worksheet, choose Symbolic in the “mode:” field, and press the ENTER key to save the worksheet.

  3. Quit Version 4.01 and start Versions 3.x.

  4. In Transfer Options, choose Symbolic as the mode and press the ENTER key.

  5. Transfer Load the file saved in Step 2. As the file is converted to 3.x, you will see error messages in the first section of the article.

    An “Insufficient memory” message occurs only if the rows at the top portion of the worksheet have been converted. The worksheet is now utilizing all the available RAM.

  6. In Transfer Options, choose Normal as the mode and press the ENTER key.

  7. Transfer Save the worksheet.

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