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Manually Installing IBM PS/2 Works 2.00 on a Hard Drive

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This article describes how to manually set up on a hard drive Works version 2.00 that comes bundled with an IBM PS/2 Model 25 or 30.

In this release of the program, the printer drivers are compressed and must be decompressed to be usable.

The following steps can be used to decompress a printer driver:

  1. Copy SETUP.EXE from the Setup disk in Drive A to the Works directory on the hard drive.

  2. Make the Works directory the active directory and use the following syntax:

    SETUP [drive][path]sourcefile[.ext] [drive][path]destfile[.ext]

    Extensions are optional and are ignored by SETUP.EXE.

    For example, to copy the printer driver for the Z cartridge on the HP LaserJet from Drive A to C:, type the following:


After decompressing the printer driver, the contents of all the Works disks can then be copied to the Works directory on the hard drive.

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