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Err Msg: "Cannot Find FSHELPER File"

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Article Last Modified on 10/31/2006

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Why is the following error message displayed when I try to start OS/2 LAN Manager version 2.x?

SYS1718: The system cannot find the file "FSHELPER" specified in the DEVICE command on line 39 of the CONFIG.SYS file.
Line 39 ignored.


This message is displayed because either the NETWKSTA.SYS line in your CONFIG.SYS file starts with "DEVICE=" or you have multiple NETWKSTA.SYS lines in your CONFIG.SYS file.

If you have only one line in your CONFIG.SYS file for NETWKSTA.SYS that starts with "IFS=", this error message will not be displayed.

For example, your CONFIG.SYS file may contain two NETWKSTA.SYS lines similar to the lines listed below:

   device=c:\lanman\netprog\netwksta.sys /i:c:\lanman
   ifs=c:\lanman\netprog\netwksta.sys /i:c:\lanman

If it does, change these lines to the following:

   rem device=c:\lanman\netprog\netwksta.sys /i:c:\lanman
   ifs=c:\lanman\netprog\netwksta.sys /i:c:\lanman

Or, the message may be displayed because your CONFIG.SYS file has one line for NETWKSTA.SYS, such as the one listed below:

   device=c:\lanman\netprog\netwksta.sys /i:c:\lanman

If it does, change this line to the following:

   ifs=c:\lanman\netprog\netwksta.sys /i:c:\lanman

As always, you can use any combination of uppercase and lowercase characters in the CONFIG.SYS entries.

The reason for starting the line with "IFS=" instead of "DEVICE=" is that NETWKSTA.SYS in OS/2 LAN Manager version 2.x must be installed as an IFS (Installable File System) instead of as a device driver. This is a change from earlier releases of OS/2 LAN Manager, in which NETWKSTA.SYS is always installed as a device driver.

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