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Mac Daisy Link: Characters Overprint with Typewriter Mode PSS ID Number: Q49288 Article last modified on 05-16-1991 PSS database name: M_DaisyLnk




When printing using the typewriter mode in Mac Daisy Link, characters may print over previous characters if you are not using the Langley font.

The Langley font is located on the Mac Daisy Link disk. To install it into the system, use the Font/DA Mover.

Do the following to change the font to Langley:

  1. Highlight the entire document. (COMMAND+OPTION+M)

  2. From the Font menu, choose the Langley font.

  3. With the entire document still highlighted, select the proper font size according to the print wheel being used:

    Print Wheel Point Size ———– ———-

    15 cpi 9 point 12 cpi 10 point 10 cpi 12 point

  4. From the Format menu, choose Paragraph and change the line spacing to 12 pt.

  5. Click the OK button.

For more information on installing a font, consult the “Macintosh Utilities User’s Guide.”

If a proportional-font printing wheel is used, it does not justify correctly on the right margin. This proportional-font printing wheel is not supported when using the typewriter mode.

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