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Xerox 4045 Does Not Print Underline

PSS ID Number: Q49134 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

5.00 5.50 6.00



To print double-underlined text with a monospace font on the Xerox 4045 with Word version 5.00 or 5.50, a modification must be made to the appropriate printer driver using the MakePRD utility.

The modification is made at byte:164 of the PCSD table. Byte:164 appears in the text file as follows:

byte:164 mod:4 magic:0 value:0

Change byte:164 to the following:

byte:164 mod:2 magic:0 value:0


Printing double-underlined text with a proportionally spaced font on a Xerox 4045 printer will result in incorrect double underlining.

The double underline will print slightly higher at the end of a line formatted for double underline. Mixing proportional and fixed fonts on a line will produce uneven underlining at the point where the typeface changes.

This problem occurs because the Xerox 4045 printer adds an adjustment to the vertical cursor position to compensate for the current font. When Word repositions the vertical position at the end of a line to finish drawing the double underline characters, the Xerox printer will adjust the position up, how far depending on the current font in use. This adjustment will cause an incorrect printout because Word assumes that the printer maintains the vertical position specified at the end of the last line.

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