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Mac DOS: Requirements for Mail and TOPS/DOS 2.1

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Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk Networks 2.0
  • Microsoft Mail for Appletalk Networks 3.0

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Microsoft Mail (PC Client) versions 2.00 and 3.00 support TOPS/DOS version 2.1 or later. For Mail to run correctly under TOPS/DOS 2.1, you must load the following TOPS/DOS 2.1 software modules:

   Modules        Description
   -------        -----------

   ALAP.EXE       (Version 2.102 or later) -- the TOPS AppleTalk
                  driver. It allows the TOPS FlashCard to provide a
                  communication interface between the PC and the
                  AppleTalk network. It is recommended that you
                  install the ALAP driver at software interrupt
                  address 60 with the switch /INT=60.

   PSTACK.EXE     (Version 2.102 or later) -- the TOPS Protocol Stack

   TOPSPAP.EXE    (Version 2.01.01 or later) -- the TOPS Printer
                  Access Protocol driver.


The ALAP.EXE and PSTACK.EXE software modules are provided on the TOPS/DOS 2.1 distribution disks or with version 2.1 TOPS FlashCards on the TOPS FlashCard Driver disk.

TOPSPAP.EXE can be found only on the TOPS FlashCard Driver disk provided with the TOPS FlashCard. Older TOPS FlashCards (earlier than version 2.1) contain versions of TOPSPAP.EXE that are incompatible with Mail for the PC versions 2.00 and 3.00.

If you have an older TOPS FlashCard, you can receive the latest version of TOPSPAP.EXE by contacting Sitka Customer Support at (415) 549-8737. TOPSPAP.EXE version 2.01.01 can be obtained by requesting the TOPS/DOS 2.1 Supplemental Drivers disk.

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