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Word 5.0: “Insert Spell Disk…” While Running on Hard Drive

PSS ID Number: Q48670 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




If you manually install Word for DOS version 5.0 on a hard disk with the program file divided into its component parts (WORD.EXE, WORD.OVL, and SPELL.OVL), the following error message occurs if spell checking is invoked and SPELL.OVL is not in the program directory:

Insert Spell disk. Enter Y when ready.

If you insert the Spell disk in drive A, Word continues because SPELL.OVL is on the disk.

The message occurs even if the dictionary file, SPELL-AM.LEX, is present in the program directory and the Options “speller:” field is set to correctly point to this file.


To work around this problem, copy SPELL.OVL from the Spell disk to the Word directory on the hard disk.


This error can also occur if Setup incorrectly combines SPELL.OVL with the WORD.EXE file. Copying SPELL.OVL to the Word directory on the hard drive corrects this problem. Reinstalling can also correct the problem. KBCategory: kbother kberrmsg KBSubcategory: ============================================================================= Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1994.