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Excel: Simulating Wider Cell Borders in Version 2.20

Last reviewed: October 31, 1994
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In Excel version 2.20, expanding the width of cell borders can be simulated by changing the surrounding row heights and column widths. The following steps simulate increasing the width of the cell borders:

  1. Select a cell or a range of cells that need a thicker border.
  2. Select Borders from the Format menu and apply Outline border.
  3. Insert a row beneath the outlined area.
  4. Select the cell(s) below the outlined cell(s).
  5. Select Borders from the Format menu, and apply a Bottom border.
  6. Select the row height line (between the row numbers on the left side of the screen) of the cell (or cells) that has the bottom border and move it up so that it is just touching the cell(s) above.
  7. Move these two borders closer together to make the border twice as thick.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 for the left, right, and top borders.

An estimate for the number of rows needed for thicker lines is as follows:

   18 rows - 1/4 inch
   36 rows - 1/2 inch
   72 rows - 1 inch

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Last reviewed: October 31, 1994
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