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Mac Daisy Link: Xerox Diablo Advantage D25 DIP Switches PSS ID Number: Q48569 Article last modified on 05-20-1991 PSS database name: M_DaisyLnk




The DIP switch settings for the Xerox Diablo Advantage D25 printer are normally set the same as the Diablo 630 API (as they were for Word version 3.02). The Mac Daisy Link manual indicates DIP switch settings that cause a printer test, in accordance with the printer manual specifications.

To use the Xerox Diablo Advantage D25 printer with Mac Daisy Link printer driver for Word 4.00, set the switches at the following levels:

Baud 4800

Left Bank of Switches

Switch Position —— ——–

1        ON
2        OFF
3        OFF
4        OFF
5        ON

Right Bank of Switches

Switch Position —— ——–

6        ON
7        OFF
8        OFF
9        OFF

10 OFF

8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, Handshake=XonXoff DTR

When making changes to DIP switches, make sure the printer is turned off; otherwise, the changes do not take effect.

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