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Mac Daisy Link: Printing Problem with Xerox MemoryWriter PSS ID Number: Q48544 Article last modified on 05-20-1991 PSS database name: M_DaisyLnk

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Microsoft Word version 4.00 may double space when printing to a Xerox MemoryWriter through the Mac Daisy Link software. The reason lies in the way in which information is sent to the typewriter.

More Information:

When the Mac Daisy Link typewriter driver encounters a carriage return or an end-of-line character, it sends the linefeed to the printer first, then sends the carriage return. By default, the Xerox MemoryWriter looks for a linefeed following a carriage return. If it doesn’t find a linefeed, it automatically adds its own linefeed, which causes the double spacing.

Page 28 of the Mac Daisy Link user’s manual states that disabling the appropriate printer or interface converter DIP switch corrects this problem.

The Xerox MemoryWriter, however, does not have any DIP switches. Instead, many options can be set using the keyboard of the typewriter and a liquid crystal display, which then prompts you for the appropriate information.

You need to set the following options:

Option Press the Following Keys —— ————————

Line Control On OPTION+D

Set the Control Character OPTION+C for Carrier Return

Linefeed OPTION+I

If you have technical questions about the MemoryWriter, call Xerox Corporation at (214) 436-3106.

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