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Word: Graphic Doesn’t Appear in Print Preview or Print

PSS ID Number: Q48276 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




The following are several reasons why a graphic may not appear in Print Preview in Word Version 5.00:

  1. The Print Options menu has the “draft:” field set to Yes.
  2. The graphic is a print file of some type. This includes PostScript files. The only exceptions to this are Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files with an embedded TIFF image or HPGL files. If these files are sent to the appropriate printer, they preview and print correctly.
  3. The graphic file is not a valid graphics format for Word. It may have the correct file extension but may not be in a format readable by Word.
  4. The printer has no graphics capability. Check to see that TTY.PRD is not chosen as the current printer driver or that the driver is not from Word Version 4.00.
  5. The .G. code is not formatted as hidden text before going into Print Preview.

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