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Word: Redirecting Temporary Files

PSS ID Number: Q48174 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

4.00 5.00



Word Versions 4.00 and 5.00 place most of their dynamically created temporary files (.TMP) into a directory specified by the DOS Set command (e.g. SET TMP=C:).

However, temporary files created when a document is saved are created in the directory in which the file is being saved to, and renamed with a .DOC filename upon completion of the save.

Word 5.00’s autosave files (.SVD, .SVG, or .SVS) are not redirected with a SET TMP command. However, they are redirected with a SET MSWNET command, whether running Word standalone or on a network.

SET TMP redirects the following:

  1. The scratch file
  2. .TMP files that hold an index or table of contents
  3. .TMP files created by Print Queue
  4. .TMP files created by Library Autosort
  5. .TMP files created by Print Merge
  6. .TMP files created while running a macro

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