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Using the Envelope Tray on HP LaserJet Series IID

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Word Version 5.00 can access the HP LaserJet Series IID envelope tray directly by selecting LaserJet Series IID in the Print Options “model:” field and selecting Envelope in the “feed:” field. Enter the appropriate envelope length and width in the Format Division Margins fields.

The envelope tray on an HP LaserJet Series IID can be accessed through Word Versions 3.00, 3.10, 3.11, and 4.00 only by embedding a printer control sequence in the main document or by modifying the printer driver.


Versions earlier than Word 5.00 can access the envelope tray through either of the following two procedures:

First Method

  1. Select TTYFF in Print Options “printer:”. If this option is not listed, copy TTYFF.PRD from the Printers 2 disk to the Word program directory and then select TYFF in this field.

  2. Choose Format Division Margins and select page width, length, and margins that are appropriate for the envelope to be printed.

  3. Embed an escape sequence at the beginning of the document.

    1. Position the cursor at the upper left-hand corner of the document.

    2. If necessary, press the ENTER key to create a blank line at the top of the document and press the UP ARROW key to reposition the cursor to the very beginning of the document.

    3. Enter the following information at the first line of the document:


      Note that the “^[” character combination represents an escape code and appears on the Word screen as a left pointing arrow. It is generated in Word by holding down the ALT key while entering 27 on the numeric keypad. Be careful to distinguish between the “l” (the letter) and “1” (the number). The symbol “O” is a capitol letter of the alphabet, NOT 0 (zero).

When this document is printed, it will now access the envelope tray. Please note that it will only be possible to print in Courier 12 with this method.

Second Method

Another approach requiring more expertise and more time to set up is detailed below. With this method, it is possible to print in any of the fonts supported by the printer driver.

The second approach is to include the escape sequence in the printer driver through the use of Word’s MAKEPRD program. Any landscape printer driver can be modified by substituting the following line for the current line in the printer driver that begins with byte 0:

byte 0: mod:0 “[&l81a1O[&a+8R^[&a35L”

The above is entered exactly as shown and replaces the existing line. Also, delete any string and quotation marks that follow the following entry:

byte:14 mod:0

This second approach allows you to select the new printer driver in the Print Options “printer:” field whenever it is necessary to print to the envelope tray. This avoids the need to embed printer codes in the document file.

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