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Unprintable Regions and Edge-of-Paper Running Heads

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Word excludes the left unprintable region of a printer for running heads that are defined as edge-of-paper. However, Word does not exclude the right unprintable region of a printer for running heads defined as edge-of-paper.

For example, left aligned edge-of-paper running heads with a left indent of 1 inch will actually print 1.x inches from the left edge of the paper (assuming the left unprintable region is 0.x inches). However, a right aligned edge-of-paper running head with a 1-inch right indent prints 1 inch from the right edge of the paper.

To properly achieve the 1-inch left margin for the left aligned edge-of-paper running head in the above mentioned example, change the indent to compensate for the unprintable region of the printer. For example, assuming the left unprintable region of the printer is 0.25 inches, the left indent of the running head should be set at 0.75 inches.

This was a design decision that was made for Word Version 5.00 so that Word Version 4.00 documents containing running heads would print properly.

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