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Works: Conversion Utility Recognizes File Format

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When using the Convert command on the File menu, you do not need to specify the source file’s format. Works Version 2.00 reads the source file and can determine what file format it is in. This is the reason there is no “Format” section in the “File to convert” dialog box.

However, you do need to specify the destination format. The Format section of the “New file name” dialog box allows you to select the destination file’s format.


Suppose you are trying to convert a Microsoft Word document called ARTICLE1.DOC into Microsoft Works format. You would use the Convert option from the File menu to do the following:

  1. The first dialog box asks you for the file to convert. Type “ARTICLE1.DOC” (without the quotation marks), and press ENTER.
  2. The second dialog box asks you for the new filename, the filename for the newly converted file. The proposed filename is ARTICLE1.WPS, and the proposed file format is Microsoft Works. Press ENTER.
  3. Microsoft Works then reads the Microsoft Word file ARTICLE1.DOC, and creates an equivalent Microsoft Works file in ARTICLE1.WPS.

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