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SYS1943: Protection Violation Error with Word 5.00

PSS ID Number: Q47800 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




Using a Word version 4.00 printer driver in Word version 5.00 and the OS/2 Presentation Manager (PM) Spooler in conjunction may cause an OS/2 “SYS1943: Protection violation” error. Using a Word 5.00 printer driver and disabling the PM spooler should correct this problem.

To disable the PM Spooler, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Group in the Start Programs window.
  2. Choose Utility Programs.
  3. Select the Control Panel.
  4. Choose the Setup option.
  5. Choose Spooler Options.
  6. Select the box before “Spooler is selected”; the text will change to “Spooler is not selected”.
  7. Select Enter.
  8. Select Exit in the Control Panel.
  9. Reboot the machine so that the disabling of the PM Spooler takes effect.

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