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Color Values in Graphics Device Description of PRD

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Color values in the Graphics Device Description portion of the Microsoft Word 5.0 printer driver (PRD) are values that contain the percentage of red in a color, the percentage of green in a color, and the percentage of blue in a color. Each color is a 16-bit value. The low five bits set the amount of blue, the next five bits set the amount of Green, and the next five bits set the amount of red. The high bit is not used. To produce a color for a mixture of red, green, or blue, add the corresponding values together to produce the mix.

Color Value —– —–

Red 31744 Green 992 Blue 31

Some common colors and their values follow. Most of the PRDs that support color graphics printing contain these colors.

Color Mixture Value —– ——- —–

Black None 0 Red Red 31744 Green Green 992 Blue Blue 31 Magenta Red, Blue 31775 Cyan Green, Blue 1023 Yellow Red, Green 32736 White Red, Green, Blue 32767

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