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Word: Description of HP Downloadable Font Filename Coding

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Hewlett-Packard (HP) font files are named using a specific file-naming convention, which is as follows:


“TT” is a two-letter mnemonic for the typeface family, such as “HV” for Helvetica, “TR” for Times Roman, “LG” for Letter Gothic, etc.

“ppp” is the point size of the font; for example, “120” = 12 point, “095” = 9.5 point, “080” = 8 point, etc.

“S” is the style/weight of the font; “R” is regular, “B” is bold, and “I” is italic.

“pp” is an abbreviated form of pitch; “16” is 16.66 pitch, “12” is 12 pitch, “10” is 10 pitch. “PN” is used for medium-width proportional fonts. With some proportional fonts, the designator may be specified “PC” for compressed or condensed width, and “PX” for expanded or extended width.

“SS” is the symbol set abbreviation, such as “US” for USASCII, “R8” for Roman-8, “RX” for Roman Extension, etc.

“P” represents the orientation setting. A filename ending with a “P” designates portrait orientation, and a filename ending with “L” designates landscape orientation.

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