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Starting a Section with a Large Blocked Letter in Word 5.00

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The following information updates the documentation on Pages 406 and 407 of the Word Version 5.00 “Using Microsoft Word” manual.

  1. Type the letter you want to block in above the text that it introduces. If this letter is to be made large, set the Format Paragraph “line spacing:” field for this paragraph to Auto in order to allow text to wrap up and around the letter. Otherwise, the wrapping text will match up with the bottom of the large letter.

    You can also import a graphic with stylized text, positioning the graphic paragraph above the text it introduces.

  2. Select the letter or position the highlight in the graphic paragraph.

  3. Choose the Format Position command.

    1. Accept Word’s proposed responses in the “horizontal frame position:” and “relative to:” fields.

    2. In the “frame width:” field, type a measurement for the width of the frame that contains the block letter.

    3. In the “distance from text:” field, accept the proposed distance from the text or type another measurement.

  4. Press ENTER or click the command name to set the position for the block letter.

To make the letter large, change the font size in the “font size:” field of the Format Character command. To put a box around the block letter, select the text and select Box in the “type:” field of the Format Border command.

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