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Setting Up Word 5.00 Manually on Novell Netware

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This article describes manual setup procedures for installing version 5.0 of Microsoft Word for MS-DOS on a Novell network. It consists of two parts: installing Word on the server and setting up the system for the users.


Each user works on only one workstation or if they change workstations, the workstations are of the same video type. If users need to access Word 5.0 on a network from multiple workstations that have different video types, query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base

accessing and different and video and files and network

and refer to the section on Novell.

Part One: Installing the Files on the Server

  1. Log in to the network as SUPERVISOR or as a USER with supervisor equivalent rights.

  2. Make a directory on a server hard disk for Word 5.00. This directory is referred to as the “program directory.”

  3. Copy the Word Program, Spell, Thesaurus, and Utilities disks to the program directory.

  4. Copy the printer drivers that match the printers on your network to the program directory. These are found on the printer disks and have the file extension .PRD (i.e., POSTSCRP.PRD). The printer drivers may have an initialization file that has the same filename but an .INI extension. If your printer has such a file, copy this as well.

  5. FLAG all the files in the program directory as Sharable Read-Only by typing the following:


Word is now installed on the server. However, before running it you need to set up each user.

Part Two: Setting Up the Users

  1. Build a base of video driver files that match the screen types of your network’s workstation’s configurations using Word 5.00’s MAKEVID.EXE utility. Give them names that are easy to remember, such VGA.VID or CGA.VID, and place them in the program directory.

  2. Create a user start-up directory on the workstation’s hard disk or on the network server. Ideally this directory should have the same name as the user’s Novell login name.

  3. Copy all the video drivers for the users to their start-up directory and rename it to SCREEN.VID.

  4. Using Novell’s menu or command-line utilities, give each user the following:

    1. All rights to your user start-up directory (not applicable if the directory is created on your local hard drive).

    2. All rights to all document destination directory(s).

    3. The Read, Open, and Search rights in the Novell Public directory and the Word program directory on the server.

The following steps require modifications to your system login script:

  1. MAP a SEARCH DRIVE to the program directory.

  2. Set the Word 5.00 MSWNET variable to the location of each user’s start-up directory, either on the network server or on your local hard disk. This is easily accomplished through Novell’s LOGIN_NAME variable. Assume that all your users have a directory identical to their login name under the USER directory. You would add the following line to your system login script:


    Note: The double backslashes and the quotation marks are necessary for the DOS SET command to work properly in a login script.

  3. Save the system login Script.

Word is now installed on the network. Word should be started with the /N parameter the first time it is run by a user (i.e. Word /N). Although it is required only the first time each user starts Word 5.00 on a Novell Network, it doesn’t hurt to have users start with a /N all the time. However, it needs to be invoked again if the user’s MW.INI file is deleted.

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