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Word 5.00: Printer Information Manual Documentation Errors

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The following are known documentation errors in the Word version 5.00 “Printer Information for Microsoft Word” manual:

Page 35:

The PRD file for the Businessland 45LQ is on the Supplemental Disk.

Page 38:

Linedraw 12 for the C.Itoh C-715A is not supported.

Page 39:

Support for Math8[J] is only in size 10, not size 7 for the C.Itoh CIE LIPS Plus printer driver LIPS10-1.PRD.

Page 40:

Support for Math8[K] is only in size 10, not size 8 for the LIPS10-2.PRD printer driver.

Page 48:

Canon LBP-8A1/A2. Additional fonts/sizes that bold and italic are not available: Built-in 14, 14.5, Pica 14, LinePrinter 11, 11.5.

Page 82:

Add “TmsRmn 8, 10” and “LineDraw 8.5, 12” to the internal fonts for the LaserJet 2000.

Page 84:

Cartridge list for HPLASER1 should also include M and N, which are listed in the fonts list of that driver.

Page 108:

The PRD file for MT-80 is on the Supplemental Disk.

Page 110:

The PRD file for MT-910 is on the Supplemental Disk.

Page 127:

The PRD file for the Okidata Pacemark 2410 is on the Supplemental Disk.

Page 163:

Prestige PS 15, Outline PS 16, and Script PS 15 are not supported for the Toshiba P321, P321SL/341SL printers.

Page 189:

Required Organization of font files and Word files. It is not required that the fonts be in the same directory as the PRD and DAT files. If Word cannot find the fonts, it will search the DOS path. If the fonts are in a separate directory from the PRD, be sure the fonts directory is in the DOS PATH.

Page 193:

The second message should read “Download file not found. Enter Y to read a:<filename>, N to Skip, or ESC to cancel.”

If you press Y, put the disk with the font file in Drive A, and Word continues downloading.

If you press N, you skip downloading this font. If the required font has not been downloaded, text will print in a font the printer substitutes.

Page 210:

MAKEPRD is located on the Utilities/Printers disk.

Page 214:

The octal equivalent of decimal 159 is 237 (not 233), and the control sequence is ^0237 (not ^0233).

Page 215:

Serial Interface # 53248 should be ETX/ACK, instead of EXT/ACK.

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