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Word 5.00: “Reference to Microsoft Word” Documentation Errors

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The following are known documentation errors in the Word version 5.00 “Reference to Microsoft Word” manual:

Page 9:

The second paragraph describing using CTRL+F4, the word “back” should be removed from “…the word is changed back to”Hello.""

Page 16:

Paragraph referring to “Left Indent:”, the last sentence, states that Word ignores negative numbers in the “left indent:” field, when actually it never allows you to input a negative value, the error “Not a valid number” is given.

Page 37:

Library Autosort’s explanation of “case:” set to Yes is incorrect. Word will sort placing “a” between “A” and “B”, it does not separate uppercase from lowercase.

Page 51:

Library Link Spreadsheet Command Fields “area:” (second paragraph), the size limit of a paragraph is 32K, not 30K, so the spreadsheet imported cannot be larger than 32K.

Page 57:

In the sentence describing manual alternatives, replace “F1” with the word “Correct”.

Page 124:

Add the following Message:

Document Disk Full or File is Read-Only

Word cannot write to the disk because the disk space is filled, the disk is write protected, or the disk has reached the limit of the number of files that can be stored on the disk.

Page 201:

Last question on this page; CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB do not jump between columns in Show Layout. CTRL+5+RIGHT ARROW and CTRL+5+LEFT ARROW are the correct key combination to move the cursor to the next column.

Page 211:

Conversion exceptions: WORD_DCA.DOC is located on the Utilities 3 Disk.

The error message “The input file is not a valid DCA/RTF File” should use DCA/RFT instead.

Page 224:

To setup network workstations; in Step #1, the example “e:setup user” should be “e:user.”

Page 231:

Section “How Word Handles Print Jobs” (last paragraph), in the sentence “…if a user chooses Print Merge and then Print Queue, …” the words “Print Merge” should be interchanged with “Print Queue”.

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