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Excel: Standard Row Height Dependent on Font Size

Last reviewed: November 2, 1994
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The standard row height in Microsoft Excel version 2.20 depends upon the largest font size selected for that particular row. For example, if the active font is Geneva and the following font sizes are installed in the Macintosh System, the corresponding standard row height is as follows:

   Font Size   Standard Row Height
   ---------   -------------------

    9 point             13
   10 point             13
   12 point             16
   14 point             19
   18 point             23
   20 point             25
   24 point             29
   36 point             47
   48 point             59

To find the standard row height of the selected font and font size, choose Row Height from the Format menu and select the box labeled "Standard Height". The Row Height box then displays the standard row height for that font and size.

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Additional reference words: 2.20

Last reviewed: November 2, 1994
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