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Accessing Line Draw Characters on Y Cartridge

PSS ID Number: Q46444 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

5.00 5.50 6.00



When using the original HP LaserJet, LaserJet Plus, or LaserJet 500 Plus printer with the Y cartridge, lines drawn with the cursor line draw feature do not print correctly even though the graphics characters are available in the Courier font on the Y cartridge.

There are two methods for accessing the graphics characters. First, choose LaserJet Series II in the Print Options “model:” field in version 5.00, or in the File Printer Setup “Printer Name” box in version 5.50.

Second, perform the following steps:

Use the MAKEPRD utility to convert the file to text in order to make the following changes in the model blocks of the printer models mentioned above:

Change the line:

LinedrawFlag:1 LinedrawFont:0

to the following line:

LinedrawFlag:0 LinedrawFont:1

Then, change the FontsNotSupported line to read as follows:


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