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Implementing Partial Lookup Capability in QuickHelp Database PSS ID Number: Q46363 Article last modified on 09-20-1989 PSS database name: O_Os2PrTk

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In QuickHelp I can type a partial windows call name such as “WinQuer”, press ALT+Q, and get the QuickHelp list beginning with WinQuer*. I have tried to get this functionality in my own database, but have failed. How can I implement this functionality?


You can have as many duplicate topics as you want. After the first topic is displayed, you can search for the next occurrence of the topic by pressing “E”, selecting the Continue Search menu item from the View menu, or clicking the same topic name if it is a single word.

QuickHelp is hard coded to recognize certain OS/2 function prefixes. If it cannot match the topic you request, it checks to see if the first three letters match one of the OS/2 prefixes. If they do, it tries to find the closest match.

If you know the first few letters, but not the last, you can use the Duplicate Search command in the View menu (or press D), and enter as much of the name as you know, followed by an asterisk, as in "WinQuery*". QuickHelp will list the full topic name and the database title for every match it finds. You can also substitute single letters with a question mark. For example:


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