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INF: dbopen() Failure Can Abort SQL Server Program ID Number: Q46267

1.10 1.11 4.20 OS/2


Under certain conditions, the DB-LIBRARY (db-lib) function dbopen() aborts application programs when an invalid user name and password are passed to it as parameters.

What the dbopen() function does on a login failure depends on what the error handler routine specifies on its RETURN statement.

RETURN(INT_EXIT) aborts the program. The other options are INT_CANCEL, which returns to the caller with FAIL status, and INT_CONTINUE, which retries once and then aborts. These codes are documented in the “Microsoft SQL Server Programmer’s Reference” (page 99 of the version 1.1 manual, page 112 of the version 1.11 manual, and page 167 of the version 4.2 manual). If no error handler is registered, the effect is the same as using RETURN(INT_CANCEL).

Additional reference words: 1.10 1.11 4.20 dblib