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Minimum Memory Requirements for Learning Word 5.00

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Shown below are the minimum memory requirements for running Learning Word Version 5.00.

The Layout and Graphics lesson is the largest lesson, so it was used for minimum memory testing. The CBT uses both text and graphics mode. Graphics mode requires more memory to load, so it is possible to have enough memory to load the lesson, but not enough memory to go into graphics mode.

Learn Stand-Alone

177824 bytes available - Lesson loads properly 176784 bytes available - Lesson loads, but won’t do graphics 168608 bytes available - Lesson doesn’t load - “Not enough available memory to continue” message

Learn Via Word, Help Tutorial Command

469728 bytes available - Lesson loads 468688 bytes available - Lesson loses graphics mode 460512 bytes available - Lesson won’t load - “Not enough available memory to continue” message


The following lessons have graphics screens in the keyboard course.

Italics, Bold, etc. Putting It All Together What’s a Style Sheet? Using Style Sheets Creating Style Sheets Using Automatic Styles Automating with Macros Layout and Graphics - largest lesson Creating Macros

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