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“File Is in Use” with Word 4.00 on a Novell Network

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The message, “File is in use” will be received when running Word on a Novell network if a user attempts to save edits to an existing document and the Novell MODIFY right is not included in the user’s effective rights for the directory that contains the file.

If you attempting to save a file with a new filename and the MODIFY right does not exist in the directory in which the file is to be saved, the message “Document disk full” will be received.

You should have all rights, with the exception of the parental right, in you user start-up and other destination directories.


The following rights may be granted or revoked on a Novell network by assigning or deleting “trustee rights” that control an individual user’s ability to work in a directory and its files. With Novell Version 2.10 and above, the SYSCON menu utility is used by the system administrator to make these assignments.

R Read from open files W Write to open files O Open existing files C Create (and simultaneously open) new files Create subdirectories of the directory D Delete existing files of subdirectories Delete subdirectories of the directory P Parental, which includes: Create, rename, erase subdirectories of the directory Set trustee and directory rights in the directory Set trustee and directory rights S Search the directory M Modify file attributes

In addition, rights may added to, or deleted from a directory’s “Maximum Rights Mask” to control the rights of all users, except those of the supervisor, in a given directory. These are the same eight rights that apply to trustee security. With Novell Version 2.10 or above, the FILER menu utility is used to make these assignments.

“Effective rights” are the actual rights of a user, and are determined by the combination of trustee and directory security rights listed above.

The following example shows how trustee rights and directory rights are combined to determine effective rights. The bottom line represents the rights you, as a user, actually have in a particular directory, given the assignments in the first two lines.

Directory Rights: R : W : O : : D : P : S : M :
Trustee Rights : R : : O : C : : : S : :

Effective Rights: R : : O : : : : S : :

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