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Mac Daisy Link: Fonts Used with Word PSS ID Number: Q45972 Article last modified on 05-20-1991 PSS database name: M_DaisyLnk

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When the Mac Daisy Link serial printer driver is selected, Microsoft Word version 4.00 still displays the selected font on the screen. This is a design change from Word 3.0x, where the Dover font was displayed on the screen with the serial printer selected, regardless of what font was selected.

However, different printers require specific fonts for optimum printing results with the Mac Daisy Link driver, as follows:

  1. Typewriters

    1. Use “Langley 6” in 10-point size for 6 lines-per-inch output at 12 characters-per-inch (CPI) horizontal spacing.

    2. Use “Langley 8” in a 9-point size for 8 lines per inch with a 15 CPI printwheel.

    3. Use Monaco in a 12-point size for 10 CPI printing.

  2. All other printers (use Courier, Monaco, or Dover as screen fonts)

    1. Use 9-point size for 15 CPI spacing.

    2. Use 10-point size for 12 CPI.

    3. Use 12-point size for a 10 CPI printwheel.

For more information, consult the Mac Daisy Link user’s manual or call Microsoft Product Support Services at (206) 454-2030.

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1991.