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Word 5.00: Problems with the Hercules Ramfont Card

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To run Word Version 5.00 on a system using a Hercules GB112 Ramfont card, you must set the Hercules graphics card to full display mode using the utility provided by Hercules.

If you have not set the adapter to full display mode, you may experience one of the following problems when running Word 5.00:

  1. A system lockup, which requires rebooting your machine
  2. No cursor in edit mode or within menus

For the Hercules GB112 Ramfont card, Word’s Setup program should create a SCREEN.VID file in the Word directory that has a file size of 16,971 bytes. If Setup does not create such a file, use the MAKEVID utility provided with Word 5.00 to create a new SCREEN.VID file by doing the following:

  1. Rename or delete the original SCREEN.VID.

  2. Run MAKEVID from the Utilities 2 disk by entering the following command from the A prompt:

    MAKEVID screen.vid -Lfr herc112.csd -Lfr hercules.gsd

Note: If you are using memory resident programs or a nonstandard (enhanced) keyboard, include the BIOSSAFE.KBD keyboard driver in the MAKEVID command. The resulting SCREEN.VID file should have a file size of 19,029 bytes.

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