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No Text in Print Preview, Incorrect Mouse Cursor

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In version 5.0 of Microsoft Word for MS-DOS, if Word prompts you to add paper to the printer and you press the ESC key to cancel the print job, Word will be put into an incorrect mode that may cause one or more of the following problems:

  • The mouse pointer doesn’t change when you place it in the border to split windows.
  • Print Preview doesn’t display text or graphics.
  • The text cursor may disappear.
  • Screen updates may not occur.
  • Word appears to be locked.

These problems most commonly occur when the “paper feed:” field in Print Options is set to Manual and you have a dot-matrix or daisy- wheel printer selected.


Steps to Reproduce Problem

  1. Select a .PRD for a dot-matrix or daisy-wheel printer in Print Options.
  2. In the Print Options menu, set the “paper feed:” field to Manual.
  3. Print the first page. When prompted to print the second page, press the ESC key.
  4. Place the mouse cursor on a window border. Notice that the cursor does not change shape. Choose Print preView. Notice that text does not appear on the preview pages. Press CTRL+PGDN to move to the end of the file. Notice that the text cursor disappears.

Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in version 5.0 of Word for MS-DOS. This problem was corrected in version 5.5 of Word for MS-DOS.

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