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OS/2 PTK: Fields in the FILESTATUS Structure PSS ID Number: Q45752 Article last modified on 07-24-1989 PSS database name: O_Os2PrTk

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In the FILESTATUS structure, the cbFileAlloc field contains the number of bytes allocated to a file on the disk. This number will always be a multiple of the number of bytes per cluster on the disk because the MS-DOS compatible file system allocates files by clusters. On the other hand, the cbFile field contains the actual length of a file in bytes (i.e., the same file length reported by the DIR command).

The fdate/timeCreation and fdate/timeLastAccess fields are currently not used. These fields will always be filled with zeros by any OS/2 API calls when an MS-DOS compatible file structure is used. They are reserved and may be implemented in future versions of OS/2.

Keywords: DosQFileStatus() DosSetFileStatus()

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