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L2002 or L4004 Mixing Memory Models Between Modules


6.00 6.00a 6.00ax 7.00 | 6.00 6.00a | 1.00 1.50 MS-DOS | OS/2 | WINDOWS kbtool ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The information in this article applies to: - Microsoft C for MS-DOS, versions 6.0, 6.0a, and 6.0ax - Microsoft C for OS/2, versions 6.0, and 6.0a - Microsoft C/C++ for MS-DOS, versions 7.0 - Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows, versions 1.0 and 1.5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY ======= An attempt to link a module that has been compiled in the small memory model with a module compiled in the medium or large memory model produces the following warning: L4004: possible fixup overflow at in segment or the following error: L2002: fixup overflow at in segment Normally, you should NOT link programs that contain different memory models. All modules should be compiled using the same memory model. (You can use the "near" and "far" keywords to produce mixed-model programs, but this is tricky and usually doesn't give much performance gain.) MORE INFORMATION ================ If the following module, MOD1.C #include void main(void); void main() { printf(" module 1 \n"); mod2(); } is linked with the module, MOD2.C #include void mod2(void); void mod2() { printf(" module 2 \n"); } in various memory models, the following results occur: Memory Model Result ------------ ------ MOD1 | MOD2 ------|----- | /AS | /AM L2002 : fixup overflow | /AS | /AL L2002 : fixup overflow | /AM | /AS Links, hangs on run | /AM | /AL Executes normally | /AL | /AS Links, hangs on run | /AL | /AM Links, prints trash for MOD2 on run Additional reference words: kbinf 6.00 6.00a 6.00ax 7.00 1.00 1.50 KBCategory: kbtool KBSubcategory: LinkIss

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