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“Word Disk Full” with Word 5.00 on Novell Version 2.00a

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You may receive the error message “Word Disk Full” if you attempt to start Word Version 5.00 on Novell Netware Version 2.00a and have installed a Novell Workstation Shell earlier than Version 2.01-4. The following are six releases of the shell for Version 2.00a:

2.00a 2.00a Plus Plus 2.01-1 2.01-2 2.01-3 2.01-4

To find the shell version being used, change to the directory on the workstation where the file ANET3.COM is located and enter the following at the prompt:


A message similar to the following will appear:

Advanced Netware V2.XX-X rev. X - Workstation Shell for PC DOS V3.x (C) Copyright 1983, 1988 Novell, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The first first number on the first line represents the shell version. The number at the end of the line represents the version of DOS being used. With versions 2.10, and later, of Novell Netware, the command used to identify the shell version is “NET3 i” However, there have been no reported difficulties with shells for other versions of Netware than 2.00a.

If you are using Novell Netware Version 2.00a, you must upgrade your shell to Version 2.01-4. This is the version with which Word 5.00 was tested. To obtain the updated shell, access the Novell Netwire forum on Compuserve, or contact a Novell Authorized Reseller.


The shell upgrade is archived on the Compuserve NOVELL A FORUM, Library 5 under the name V201-4.ARC. V201-4.ARC contains the file ANET3.OBJ. Copy this file to the working copy of your GENSH disk and go through shell generation in a normal manner.

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