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PRB: LINK Error L2022: Export Undefined ID Number: Q45499

1.03 1.04 2.03 2.10 3.00 WINDOWS


SYMPTOMS When an application is processed by the Microsoft Segmented- Executable Linker, an error message, L2022 “export undefined,” is generated.

Two possible causes of this error, and the corresponding steps to resolve the problem, follow:

CAUSE 1 The name of a function that is used in the application is not properly listed in the EXPORTS statement in the module definition (DEF) file.

RESOLUTION 1 Determine the correct spelling of the label and correct the source file or the DEF file. For example, the names of functions called with the PASCAL calling convention are implicitly converted to uppercase letters. In functions exported with the CDECL calling convention, the case of the function name is preserved, and an underscore (_) is added to the function name as a prefix.

CAUSE 2 Unprintable characters appear at the end of the EXPORTS statement in the module definition (DEF) file.

RESOLUTION 2 Modify the DEF file to remove the unwanted characters. Also make sure that the DEF file is saved from the text editor or word processor as plain text.

More Information:

The linker /INFORMATION option provides additional information about the linking process to assist in tracking and correcting errors.