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DrawPicture,,corner%(0) Correction for QuickBASIC Page 479

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Article Last Modified on 11/21/2006

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The example for the DrawPicture statement is incorrect on Page 479 of "Microsoft QuickBASIC for Apple Macintosh: Language Reference."

If you pass DrawPicture the handle and corner point, you must have two commas separating them. Also, the second sentence describing DrawPicture needs rewording. DrawPicture on Page 479 should be corrected as follows:

   DrawPicture H& [ ,rec%(0) | ,,corner%(0) ]

Draws the picture with handle H&, scaling it to fit in rec%. To draw the picture at a given upper-left point, use the corner% argument, where corner%(0) is a two-element (or point) array, as in the example below:

   DrawPicture H&,,corner%(0)

To draw the picture in its original size and position, use the DrawPicture with only handle H&.


You can draw a picture by passing DrawPicture any of the following three combinations of arguments:

  1. Pass only the handle:

          DrawPicture H&
  2. Pass the handle and the scaling rectangle (determined by two points):

          DrawPicture H&,rec%(0)
  3. Pass the handle and the upper-left corner point to position the picture:

          DrawPicture H&,,corner%(0)

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