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How to Access the Microsoft Connection on CompuServe (CIS) PSS ID Number: Q45052 Article last modified on 11-10-1991 PSS database name: PSS


This article describes how to access the Microsoft Product Support Forum on the CompuServe Information Service (CIS).

More Information:

CompuServe is an online electronic information service accessible by modem. The CompuServe phone number is available in many cities worldwide and can be obtained from CompuServe at (800) 848-8990 (outside Ohio and within the contiguous United States), (614) 457-8650 (within Ohio or outside the contiguous United States), or from the “CompuServe Information Service Access Numbers” guide.

The top level of the Microsoft Forum can be reached by typing GO MSCON at CompuServe’s ! prompt. From this level, the Systems Forum, the Applications Forum, and the Microsoft Knowledge Base can be accessed. Each forum also has a corresponding GO command that can be typed at any ! prompt. The Microsoft Forums and their corresponding GO commands are as follows:

Command Forum ——- —–

GO MSAPP Microsoft Applications GO MSBASIC Microsoft Basic Languages GO MSSYS Microsoft Systems GO MSWin Microsoft Windows GO MSKB Microsoft Knowledge Base GO MSL Microsoft Libraries GO MSExcel Microsoft Excel GO Winapa Windows Third Party Forum A GO Winapb Windows Third Party Forum B

Within the Systems and Applications Forums are instructions for forum interaction, a section to leave messages, a section for conferencing, and a library that contains sample and informational programs and documentation. The libraries and messages are stored in different categories.

The following are the categories for the Systems Forum (both libraries and messages):

0 SysOp Backroom (S)
1 Gen & New Uploads
3 C/Quick C
4 MASM & M Editor
5 Other Languages
6 Windows Developers
7 MS-DOS Utilities
8 OS/2

10 Programming Helps 11 MSJ & Misc 12 Research & Develop 13 In My Opinion 14 NonTech Cust Serv 17 SL Files (S)

The following are the categories for the Applications Forum (both libraries and messages):

0 Sysop Backroom (A)
1 Gen & New Uploads
2 Windows Apps
3 Excel for the Mac
4 Word for the Mac
5 Works for the Mac
6 Other Mac Apps
7 Excel for the PC
8 Word for the PC
9 Works for the PC

10 Other PC Apps 11 Hardware 12 Research & Develop 13 In My Opinion 14 NonTech Cust Serv 15 Order Status Check 17 SL Files (A)

Note: (S) or (A) after a category indicates that this category is available only to Microsoft employees currently working on CompuServe.

The following is the menu for the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

1 What’s New in the Knowledge Base 2 Description of Database 3 Online User’s Guide 4 The Knowledge Base Help Desk 5 Search the Knowledge Base

A separate article that documents how to query in the Knowledge Base on CompuServe can be found by searching for the following words:

CompuServe and MSKB

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