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Screen Does Not Scroll When Run in Text Window of OS/2

PSS ID Number: Q44891 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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Microsoft Word does not automatically scroll an OS/2 Text Window to the current cursor location when the cursor goes past the edge of the Text Window. If you run Word from an unmaximized OS/2 Text Window, it is most likely that the bottom of the editing screen is below the border of the OS/2 Text Window. Maximizing the window should allow the user to view the entire Word screen as well as view the text scrolling as you move the cursor down through the document.

An OS/2 Text Window, also called a Presentation Manager Window, allows Word to be run in a window rather than a full screen application.

Because this window is a text window, Word cannot switch into a graphics mode. As a result, Print preView cannot be accessed if you run Word in a Text Window.

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