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Article Last Modified on 1/8/2003


  • Microsoft QuickBasic Compiler for Macintosh 1.0

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The SYSTEM function in Microsoft QuickBASIC version 1.00 for the Macintosh can be used to determine information about the system on which the program is running.


The SYSTEM(n) function returns a single-precision value representing different information, depending on the value of its numeric argument. The SYSTEM(n) function (where n = 0 to 7) returns the following values:

   Argument (n)    Information Returned
   ------------    --------------------

   0               The Macintosh System version number returned as a
                   real number

   1               The Macintosh computer type returned as an integer

                   Returned Value     System Type

                   0                  Unknown
                   1                  Macintosh 512K
                   2                  Macintosh Plus
                   3                  Macintosh SE
                   4                  Macintosh II
                   5                  Macintosh IIx
                   6                  Macintosh IIcx
                   7                  Macintosh SE/30
                  15                  Macintosh Classic
    2               QuickBASIC's version number.
                   Note: The call to SYSTEM(2) returns the correct
                   value (1) when compiled, but returns a value of 4
                   when run within the QuickBASIC version 1.00
                   interpreter. Microsoft is researching this problem
                   and will post new information here as it becomes

   3               The math-pack type. A value of 0 indicates binary
                   math; a value of 1 indicates decimal math.

   4               The environment flag. A value of 0 means the
                   program is being run from the QuickBASIC
                   environment. A value of 1 indicates the program has
                   been compiled.

   5               The width of the screen on this Macintosh.

   6               The height of the screen on this Macintosh.

   7               The resource file reference number of the currently
                   running compiled application or the currently
                   running interpreted source file. This number can be
                   used by MBLC routines to access resources stored in
                   the resource fork of the current program file.

Code Example

The following is a code example with the results of a compiled application running on a Macintosh Plus with the Apple System version 6.00:

   FOR i = 0 TO 6
     PRINT i, SYSTEM(i)
   NEXT i

  0              6
  1              2
  2              1
  3              0
  4              1
  5              512
  6              342

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