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Using the /Y and /Z switches for line scrolling

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Microsoft Word versions 4.00 and 5.00 use two different methods for performing line scrolling at the bottom of a window. When you type to the end of the last line of a window in Word 5.00, Word wraps the text and starts a new line at the bottom of the window, scrolling up only one line. In contrast, when you reach the end of the last line in Word 4.00, Word scrolls up by half a window.

You can use two command-line switches when starting Word 5.00 to select the line scrolling method. These switches will remain in effect for each subsequent session of Word (saved in the MW.INI file) until a new command-line switch is specified upon starting Word, or the MW.INI file is deleted. The command-line switches are as follows:

Type the Following To Get the Following Behavior

Word /y Behaves the same as Word 4.00

Word /z Returns to normal Word 5.00 behavior

Since Word 5.00 defaults to the single line scrolling method, the /z switch does not need to be specified unless you have previously used the /y switch.

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