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Word: Screen Corruption Caused by Incorrect Mouse Driver

PSS ID Number: Q44433 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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The Word screen may become corrupted if you use a mouse and a mouse-driver earlier than version 6.25.21.

Screen corruption can also occur in Word version 5.50 if the proper mouse driver is not loaded. The mouse driver that is shipped with Microsoft Word version Word 5.50 (MOUSE.SYS 7.05) is the one that should be used if the mouse is a Microsoft or PS/2 mouse. If the mouse is not a Microsoft compatible or PS/2 mouse, contact the manufacturer for a mouse driver compatible with Word version 5.50.

With Word version 5.00, the only supported mouse driver for the Microsoft Mouse or the PS/2 mouse is MOUSE.SYS. The MOUSE.SYS file may be found on Utilities Disk 3 (5.25-inch) or on the Utilities/Printers Disk (3.5-inch). This MOUSE.SYS file is version 6.25.21 of the mouse driver.

If you have an IBM 8514/A display adapter and you are using the 8514/A as an 8514 and not a VGA, then you must use EGA.SYS and MOUS8514.SYS to provide correct video behavior with Word. EGA.SYS and MOUS8514.SYS may be found on the Program Disk 1 (5.25-inch) or the Program Disk (3.5-inch).

If you do not have a Microsoft or PS/2 mouse, you must contact your mouse manufacturer to obtain an updated mouse driver.


Screen corruption may be graphical bars in varying colors dispersed over the text screen or graphical bars in the menu area.

This screen corruption is not document corruption; it is related to the screen only. A manual redraw of the screen (CTRL+SHIFT+) removes the screen corruption from the screen.

Microsoft supports only the Microsoft Mouse and IBM PS/2 Mouse. Support for other mice may be obtained by contacting the manufacturer of the mouse in question.

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