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Word: Switching between Display Modes

PSS ID Number: Q44285 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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To use graphics or text modes in Word Versions 3.0, start Word with either “word /g” (for graphics) or “word /c” (for text). It is not possible to switch between modes within Word.

Word Version 4.0 can start in graphics or text mode by using the the same command-line switches. In addition, it is possible to switch between modes from within Word by selecting the desired mode with the Options command or by using the ALT+F9 key combination.

Word Version 5.0 does not use the command-line switches /g or /c, and ignores them if they are used. Word 5.00 can only switch between different modes from within the program. There are multiple display modes to select from based upon the graphics card installed. The Options “display mode:” field is used to switch between modes. The ALT+F9 key combination switches to and from the last mode that was in use.

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