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FIX: Wrong Line Marked w/ Error Box in $INCLUDE File

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Article Last Modified on 11/21/2006

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When a compile-time error occurs in a compiled program's $INCLUDE file, the interpreter puts a box around the wrong line in the main program. The number of lines that this box lies below the REM $INCLUDE statement is the number of the line in error in the $INCLUDE file.

Microsoft has confirmed this to be a bug that occurs when compiling programs that use the $INCLUDE metacommand in QuickBasic version 1.00 for the Macintosh . This problem is corrected in QuickBasic version 1.00b.

A more desirable behavior would be for QuickBasic to put a box around the REM $INCLUDE statement and say "Error in $INCLUDE file at line xxx."


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Below is an example where the interpreter draws a box around the wrong line (in the main source file) when a compile-time error occurs in an $INCLUDE file. When you compile the following, the interpreter improperly marks line 4 in the main program with a box and gives a "Syntax Error" message:

REM This is the MAIN program.
PRINT "LINE 4"  'The interpreter flags this line with "Syntax Error"

REM This separate $INCLUDE file is called JUNK.        [line 1]
REM This file is saved in Text format.                 [line 2]
INPUT PRINT  ' This line is a deliberate Syntax Error. [line 3]

Note: REM $INCLUDE statements are ignored when the program is run in the interpreter; they have meaning only to the compiler.

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