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Page Number Cross Reference Not Updated in Print Preview

PSS ID Number: Q44170 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




Going into Print Preview to view a document does not update a cross-referencing mark.

To reproduce this problem, perform the following steps:

  1. Print Preview a document that contains a cross reference to another page number, for example, the document shows “see Page 3”.
  2. Exit Print Preview and insert a manual page break above Page 3 in the document.
  3. Go back into Print Preview and notice the cross reference still says “see Page 3”.
  4. If you press the PGDN key to go past Page 4, then press PGUP to the cross reference page, notice the cross reference now says “see Page 4” as it should.

Word does not update the cross reference until the pages affected by the cross reference have been paginated. When going into Print Preview, Word only paginates those document pages that are viewed on the Print Preview screen.

To see an updated cross-reference mark, execute a manual Print Repaginate before going into Print Preview.

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