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Pressing F1, F10, F1 Gives Extra 0 in Format Tab Clear

PSS ID Number: Q44123 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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When pressing ESC Format Tab Clear, then F1, F10, and F1, an extra 0 (zero) is entered in the Format Tab Clear “position:” field. If the tab setting is entered at this time, or the cursor is moved to the tab location on the ruler to clear it, the extra zero(s) cause the error message:

Not a valid number

to appear, and the tab set is not cleared. An extra 0 is entered into the Format Tab Clear “position:” field each time F1, F10, then F1 are pressed in succession.


The Format Tab Clear function was designed such that you could press F1 to place the cursor in the ruler, press F10 to move the cursor to the end of the Format Tab Clear “position:” field, then edit the given measurement before pressing ENTER to execute the command. The design did not anticipate that you might press the F1 key again after pressing F10, which is what causes the extra zero. This behavior is not exhibited under Format Tab Set.

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