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Using Novell’s CAPTURE Utility with Word 5.00’s

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To avoid invoking Word 5.00’s CAPTURE.COM when attempting to redirect output to a Novell network printer with Novell’s CAPTURE.EXE utility, perform the following steps:

  1. Place the directory containing the Novell CAPTURE.EXE utility before the directory containing Word 5.00’s CAPTURE.COM utility in your local workstation DOS path.

  2. Place the Novell Search Drive Mapping for location of Novell’s CAPTURE.EXE before the Search Mapping for the directory containing Word’s CAPTURE.COM in your System or User Login Script.

  3. If you intend to use Novell’s External Program Execution (#) command to automatically invoke Novell’s CAPTURE.COM utility from within a System or User Login Script, place the line containing the external string above the line containing the Search Mapping to the directory containing Word’s CAPTURE.COM.

    For Example:

    The following would be a correct Login Script sequence to avoid invoking Word 5.00’s CAPTURE.COM utility.

    MAP S1:=SYS:(where contains CAPTURE.EXE) # CAPTURE (external call to Novell CAPTURE.EXE) MAP S2:=SYS: (where contains CAPTURE.COM)


Version 2.10 of Novell was the first version of the network that utilized the CAPTURE.EXE utility. Previous versions used the Novell SPOOL.EXE utility to perform the same function.

To involk Word’s CAPTURE.COM, temporarily rename Novell’s CAPTURE.EXE.

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